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    Call for funding on

    The Filipino-Maharlika  culture has been devastated since colonization centuries ago. We attained liberation from the Spanish, Americans and Japanese in 1945, but a colonial mindset and identity crisis exists in all of us.  This cultural crisis has left our country poor, corrupt and sick. I grew up in a martial arts family and used my skills to survive in the streets of Bicol and Manila in the 60's. I left the Philippines when I was 13 and became a yogic monk in India. I taught martial arts and yoga in 70's in USA and Canada.  In 1973 I visited my Yoga Master "Baba" of the Ananda Marga Society. Unfortunately, he and his students were put in jail for speaking against the government. I myself was detained for 9 months in the Tihar jail during Indian martial law but without charges I was released and returned to the Philippines to teach. In my travels to Portland, I met Grandmaster Remy Presas who taught me Modern Arnis. Through Arnis, I found my filipino identity again.  Arnis kali / escrima is a filipino martial arts culture. Through the arnis culture I was able to get work as a trainer/teacher, film stunt work and now advocate of filipino culture. I was also able to learn golf, natural healing and filmaking. Since 1980 I have been teaching arnis in Canada, USA, Brazil and in the Philippines. In 1992 I got the role of "Michaelangelo" martial artist in the‘Teenage mutant ninja turtles’ movie and TV series. In 2003 to 2011 I was working as a ‘mind body’ coach at the David leadbetter golf academy where I had a chance to work with the ‘Pros’. Presently I teach at the Zone golf academy in Richmond BC. In 2011, I found myself teaching back in the Philippines and advocating Arnis law R.A. 9850. Arnis became the national sports and martial art of the Philippines since Dec. 11, 2009, but as of 2018 it has not been implemented. At the Maharlika institute, we created and Creating ‘mindbodyheart’ training, teaching students and trainers to be more heart oriented and ‘to be mentally and physically well balanced. I started the  ‘FMA unity’ program and travelled worldwide to increase awareness of arnis Filipino culture. I believe Arnis is our a great contribution to society for fitness, wellness, positive attitude, natural healing, confidence and building a healthy lifestyle. Just like yoga of India, karate and aikido of Japan, tai chi kung fu of China or tae kwon do of Korea. Even golf of the west!  Arnis sports/martial arts of the Philippines has now been included in SEAGames 2019. My vision is to teach more instructors and create ‘arnis-golf-yoga’. My family has properties offered in Bristol, Virginia and our ancestral land in Camarines Norte, Philippines.  In Richmond through ‘Zone Golf Academy’ we offer sports education. In Marion through the Arnis Maharlika Institute where we are building a cultural center. In Camarines Norte, on the Inocalla farm we have ‘mountain kids school’ built and run by donations and managed by yogic nuns of Ananda marga. We are building a yearly camp starting on Febuary 15, 2019 for Arnis Maharlika training. Though I charge for my training, we have several projects for students who cannot afford to pay.  Additionally, all fees I collect go back to help my family, my students and our Maharlika centers. I believe in creating enlightened instructors and building healthy positive schools, clubs and centers in our community that will help create a better world for all  us. Any of your financial support will only speed up our work. We are using the ‘Go fund me’ website to raise funds for our cause. ( 

    Our link to support us is Arnisyogolf from the heart fund

    Thank you all for your support and kindesss.

    Allan "Shishir' Inocalla