• Above , brothers Allan (Datu) and Herbert (Dada) Inocalla. Founders of the Maharlika system of FMA.

Arnis Kali Maharlika is a system of Filipino self defence. It is an adaptable style and is a complete sysytem of martial arts. However, very importantly it has an holistic, healthy and spiritual base. Not just in word, but in deed. The system is for all ages, students range from teenager to 70 or more years age. 

Arnis Maharlika is represented by master Herbert 'Dada” Inocalla and his brother Allan 'Datu' Inocalla.

Born in the Philippines in Labo Camarines Norte on Luzon Island. Sons of Vicente Luna Inocalla and Beatriz Dasco Villafria. Both began martial arts at an early age, however both realised a more spititual path should be taken. It led them to India where the brothers spent 1 year in India qualifying as "Acharya" (spiritual teacher), under the supervision of Grand Master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.  They also practice tai chi and yoga regulary.

Dada/Herbert Inocalla born of Vicente Luna Inocalla a veteran of WW ll, started martial arts at the age of 6 with the older brothers Kuyas Frank, Casper & Ben. A black belt student of GM Rolando Gonzales and Remy Presas. A Boy Scout during childhood and a Lt.Col in the PMT Philippine Military Training. Studied Archetecture at MIT Mapua Institute of Technology, A  Taoist Yoga monk in India & Nepal. Acupuncturist & Natural therapist. ACBC Associação Cultural Brasil China , ABT Associação Being Tao by GM , Dr Joseph Moo Shong Woo. Clinica Tradicional Chinese GM Dr. Wang Shiao Po. Co founders of Universidade da Paz (University of Peace ) - Brasilia, Parque Ecologico Terra Viva, Brasilia. Arnis Kali Maharlika Inocalla System with GM Allan "Shishir"Inocalla & Dra. Marilou InocallaDada Inocalla was a student of Karate and Judo, Yoga, Chinese medicine, tai chi and finally arnis kali. He has also featured in films. He currently is 9th dan in the Arnis Inocalla Maharlika system of Arnis Kali . He and his brother (Allan ‘Datu’ or ‘Shishir’ Inocalla) created.

In the early years Herbert, travelled the world through Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, United States, Canada and Brazil giving lectures on spirituality and quality of life. In Brazil, after having lived in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, came to Brasilia, where in 1976 he founded the Academy Magka-Isa. Dada has also been involved in films and teaches defence techniques to the Brazilian military and police.

Allan Inocalla, after having a troubled youth and being invloved in many fights,, decided at the age of 13 to practice yoga and follow a more spiritual path that took him to many parts fo the world. Finally it led him to Canada where he became very involved in teaching and promoting Arnis Kali.

He has been invlolved in many films and productions and has produced books. He is a master also of the balisong or butterfly knife. He is a life coach and he was the first of 6 men named as Datu (meaning a chieftain or leader) by the late Remy Presas, founder of modern arnis kali. He continues to promote arnis kali as a filipino national sport. 

Dada along with his brother Shishir, continue to grow their schools and style of Arnis. They currently have schools in Canada, U.S.A, Brazil, and the Philippines.

  • The younger brothers

  • Master Herbert (Dada) Inocalla with President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo & Ambassador Teresita Barsana on the 2009 visit to Brazil. He was instrumental in following up with her on implimenting Arnis as the martial arts and national sport in the Phillipines. 

  • Allan (Datu) Inocalla with Dan Inosanto 


  • Allan Inocalla with Remy Presas

  • Herbert (Dada) Inocalla with Remy Presas